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Fly silly sea bird...no dreams can possess you...no voices can blame you for sun on your wings...my gentle relations...have names they must call me...for loving the freedom...of all flying things...My dreams with the seagulls fly...out of reach...out of cry.
- - - - - - - Joni Mitchell

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The fairy told me that she had walked along the winter beaches of Alberta, watching the snow blown into drifts like whitecaps on the water. Looking at the moon, and the Northern Lights dancing, she smiled and asked.."When is low tide?"

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tara LadyFrancesca PwG Bree
Phipps Sunshine Russell Sandra
Carl Rosie Bill aka Tubby Liam
Marylois Dribbles EZ theVoice
Ken Snakespeare medad Songbird
Bodacious Bob Check12 Angelness DragonV's Lover's Mom
Booklady Mockers garyb Cariad
BloodBrother Wolfpaw Della Dan Hall
Neme Dracula Luke2 Tacit
LeonFlux Wisteria Jacque - DragonV's Lover Lioness
Bear Holly Day Snakespeare II erfurt
Doc Coquette Ozechick Mistic
More Snakespeare Ken Hunt Sely Friday Ari Moorehead
For Lauri Branigin Sadparadise NONE Jenna
Daniel Gerald Terri696 Scorpio
Dancer2136 Shirley Neca Three
Angelique Tyger Gypsywine Douglas
Thanatos Mark Humcreek Laurel
Kelly Anne Meanthe Lizards WhimsicalW Cowgirl
Goliath GWL McKay

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The Beautifully Depressive Stuff

  • The Poetry of Yeats
  • Anne Sexton
  • Sylvia Plath
  • John Keats
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    Rod McKuen

  • Rod McKuen - A Safe Place to Land
  • Poetry of Rod McKuen - Ice Wine's Page
  • Stanyan House
  • My Tribute to Rod McKuen

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    Richard Brautigan

  • The Brautigan Pages
  • A Visit to the Brautigan Library
  • Richard Brautigan: A Poetics of Alienation
  • Poems from Please Plant This Book
  • Brautigan - From EmpireZine
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    Other "Interesting" Poets

    Mason Williams

  • Mason Williams Online.com
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    Shel Silverstein

  • The Shel Silverstein Archive
  • Shel Silverstein Adult Poems

    Irving Layton

  • Irving Layton
  • Great Quotations

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    My Favorite Authors

    Mark Twain

  • Ever the Twain Shall Meet
  • Mark Twain

    Tom Robbins

  • Tom Robbins
  • Tom Robbins Quotes
    The ultimate goof - My personal favorite is "Still Life With Woodpecker".

    Kahlil Gibran

  • Gibran
  • The Prophet
  • Kahlil Gibran Page
  • The Prophet

    John Irving

  • John Irving Is God
    I love "The Cider House Rules" and "A Prayer for Owen Meany".

    Margaret Atwood

  • Margaret Atwood
    "Cat's Eye" and "The Robber Bride"...enough said.

    Anne Tyler

  • Anne Tyler
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    Group W Bench is taken from the song "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Gutherie - 1966,1967 (Renewed) by Appleseed Music Inc. All Rights Reserved. It's use here doesn't mean to imply that he is connected with this group of poets, this page, The FairyWeb, or myself, tara Scofield. Nor is it meant to imply that the poets are criminals of the nature mentioned in his song. It's just one of those names...you had to be there. The complete lyrics to the story/song that the name comes from can be found at:
    Alice's Restaurant

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