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I am one of those people who likes the name my parents gave me, and feel that it suits me. I like it so much that I've kept it from birth - including through 3 marriages. The only change at all is that my first name is now legally spelled with a lower case "t".

I asked people named Tara I found and contacted via the Internet a few questions about their name. Below are the answers to those questions, and a few interesting comments. If you would like to be on this page, please send me EMAIL with the following information (all questions are optional):

  • How/why was your name chosen?
  • Do you like your name?
  • How do you pronounced it...Like Sara with a T, or TAR-A?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your middle name?
  • Do you want contact information listed (your email address)?
  • Any additional comments or information you would like to include.
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    I pronounce my name tara (like Sara).  I know that this isn't the Irish pronunciation, but it's close - and it's what happens when you put a Southern accent on Taahrah (which is the Irish pronunciation).  I'm glad that my parents chose the Tara like Sara, because some Southern accents turn it into a realy ugly sounding..."Tur-uh".

    I like my name because it's still not really common, and is extremely rare in people my age (I was born in 1953). Also, my name is spelled with a lower case t - tara. That's my legal name, and the legal spelling.

    My Mother decided before I was born that I was going to be a girl and that she was going to name me. Relatives figured into the names of my 6 siblings. She knew she wanted an Irish name, and that she didn't want to name me after anyone in the family. People usually ask if I was named after "Gone With the Wind", and I usually say yes - to keep from going into details. The truth is my Mother heard the name shortly before my birth and liked it. When told that Tara was the home of the High Kings in Ancient Ireland, she decided that was the name I would have. My middle name is Lynn - one of those it-goes-with-anything names.

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    Here is the poem I mention on the opening page.  Written by
    Thomas Moore it's actually an Irish song, although I've never heard the melody ("Gramachree").  It's about the Home of the Ancient High Kings of Ireland which fell to ruin after St. Patrick placed a curse on it (in other versions I have heard that it was St. Ruadan who placed the curse).  

    The Harp That Once Through Tara's Hall

    The harp that once through Tara's Hall
    The soul of music shed,
    Now hangs as mute on Tara's wall
    As if that soul were fled.
    So sleeps the pride of former days
    So glory's thrill is o'er
    And hearts that once beat high for praise
    Now feel that pulse no more.

    No more to chiefs and ladies bright,
    The harp of Tara swells;
    The chord alone, that breaks at night,
    Its tale of ruin tells.
    Thus freedom now so seldom wakes,
    The only throb she gives
    Is when some heart indignant breaks,
    To show that still she lives.

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