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"If there were no music, then I would not get through"

- - - Shawn Colvin

Joni Mitchell Home Page---"I'm gonna blow this damn candle out, I don't want Nobody comin' over to my table. I got nothing to talk to anybody about All good dreamers pass this way some day Hidin' behind bottles in dark cafes dark cafes."...

Shawn Colvin---"Full full moon and That same sad nature/I wanna cover every inch of you/ Like ink on paper/Like the blind parade of souls/Consumed by religion/I can't wait 'til I get you /In that defenseless position"

Sarah McLachlan---"And I would be the one to hold you down kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away, and after I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes dear."

Mary Chapin Carpenter---"I'm not made of stone, I'm not made of glass/ I've been alone, every one has/ I've learned to forgive what I'm not/ I just try to live with what I've got/ Maybe I've got what you need."

Dee Carstensen -- "Oh, how I love to love you/I could feel it begin and I can't let it end/'cause it's such a love thing/to ride on the sails of your wind. "

Suzanne Vega---It's a one time thing It just happens.. A lot.. Walk with me... And we will see... What we have got.."

Sheryl Crow---"When I've shown you that I just don't care/ When I'm throwing punches in the air/ When I'm broken down and I can't stand/ Will you be strong enough to be my man?"

Kristin Hall ---"I am a navigator of the seas/I built the ocean from my tears/I go whichever way the wind might blow/ I've been drifting for what seems like a hundred years/Tragically not knowing i could steer."

Maria McKee---"I was scared when you touched my lips/ And the breath I took Was a breath that shook me with a shock / Like a flame / As eternal as a song / And the song is you and I"

Melissa Etheridge---"Just inside the distance I hear the late September dogs/ And so I beg for sleep the child who walked before she crawled/ Damn my soul that remembers and clutches to this pain..."

Emmylou Harris---"How would you feel, if the world was falling apart all around you/pieces of the sky falling all in your neighbor's yard/but not on you/Wouldn't you feel just a little bit funny/thinking maybe there was something you ought to do."

Marshall Chapman---"Five o'clock in the morning/telephone is ringing/Too early to be calling, and it's too late."

Bonnie Raitt---"I can't make you love me if you don't/I can't make your heart feel something it won't."

Stevie Nicks---"I begin not to love you/Turn around, see me running/I say I loved you years ago/Tell myself you never loved me... no/And did you say she was pretty/And did you say that she loves you/Baby I don't want to know"

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