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The Fairy Cats want to draw your attention to the following issues. They need your time, your commitment, your talents, your money, your help, your support...your voice.

Don't know how to say what you want to say?  This site makes it easy for you to register your concerns. You'll find pre-written letters to send to your Representatives. They also have ecards for all occasions, animal health information and lots of other useful and fun things.

speak out for animals

Fur Free Century is a consumer-driven, activist-oriented campaign designed to end the use of animal fur in this century. By spotlighting the inhumane practices of trapping and raising animals in cages for their fur, not to mention the increased use of fur trim and the roles played by department stores and fashion designers in promoting fur, the campaign seeks to foster a more compassionate consumer and increase the number of people celebrating their winter holidays in a fur-free fashion.

The goal of Pets for Life is simple: Keep pets and their people together, and stem the tide of pets being surrendered to shelters. To achieve that goal, the campaign helps people solve the problems that threaten their relationships with their pets.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the best all-encompassing organizations around. On their site you can find a number of ways to help.

World Animal Net was established to improve communication and co-ordination between the world's animal protection groups on target campaigns, using rapidly developing communication technology. The WAN network gives animal groups world-wide the opportunity to work in a genuine spirit of collaboration, pooling knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and campaign and lobbying resources--particularly on target issues.

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Animal's Voice
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"Twisty Kats" or "Twisties" as their breeders call them, are in all honesty, purposely deformed cats. That's right, purposely. The cause of this deformed creature is the occurrence of a genetic mutation called radial hypoplasia, in which all or part of the long bone from elbow to wrist, is missing, leaving either no front paws or only vestigial paws. The cat then hops like a kangaroo but without the imbred ability to do so naturally. This has been an ongoing issue for some time now, with breeders finding a lot of poor excuses for what they are doing. None of them are good ones.

Everytime I see someone with a brand new puppy or kitten that was purchased from a shop or breeder, I want to scream. When I see or hear about people who refuse to have their companions spayed or neutered, I want to scream even louder. Please, please...think.


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