"I can be anything...anything at all. Look at me quickly before I change. Now I am beautiful, with gossamer wings...but turn away and turn back, and...What is this that I've become now?? A beauty to you still?? Or something strange and more than a little different?"

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The appropriate credit for these graphics is given.

New sites about fairies open on the Net almost daily. I visit them from time to time as I come across them. It seems to me that a lot of us are fascinated with these creatures. I know I get a large number of requests from people wanting to use graphics they've seen on this page on their own pages. In all cases I tell them the truth: permission isn't mine to grant since the images aren't my property, and provide them with contact information, when available, for the person to write for permission. I have obtained permission from the artists to use their work and that information is provided below and in each image. I try to change image frequently, because after a while all the sites start looking alike, with everyone using the same thing, beautiful as they are. I try to avoid this and will remove something I begin to see too often, happy that others have seen what I saw, and what the artist not only imagined but put into reality.

For those of you who write and ask for permission, I thank you. For the rest of you...PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE. If you take an image from this page then take the information that goes with the image as well. Where possible, you should contact the artist directly for permission to use their graphics. Please.

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irreverent copyright by meilin wong

Meilin has come a long way since I first displayed one of her images here. That was when the only site she had was at ELFWOOD. Clicking on the image above will take you to her homepage and more of her incredible work. This picture is titled "Irreverent" and is copyrighted by Meilin Wong.


waterlilly, a fairy by Darcy May

The amazing thing about Darcy May is that I have been unable to find out anything about her. The images I have found by her are all in small book collections of stickers, cards, and the like. I'm hoping that someone will see this and write to me about her. PLEASE.


pretty fairy by Sarah Ballard
I just saw a similar image in black and white on another site and decided to look for Sarah. Sarah Ballard is now Sarah B. Seiter, married and the mother of Sabrina. Now 23, when I got permission to use this image she was a 19 year old artist with a great deal of talent. I was so impressed by her work (displayed at Elfwood - click the image to go there) that I immediately wrote her and asked if I could display one of her works here. She is illustrating two books, working on a tarot deck, writing a novel, and raising a baby :) Her time is precious and she can no longer do free requests. However, if you are able to pay for a commission, please feel free to email Sarah her for consideration. She also has prints available, and has created a Wizards & Dragons Coloring Book. Please email her for more information.


candlelite is copyrighted by ron byrum

This is the work of artist and writer, Ron Byrum. Visit his website by clicking on "Candle Lites" above to see more of his magic works. The following words on his webpage - "He lives to create and creates to live", are obviously true. He's also a designer, wood worker, builder, and inventor who works without patterns..choosing instead to draw freehand, designing as he goes. You really must see his site to get a true idea of what Ron does. Make it soon.


fairy by pax nidorf        fairies #1 by Pax Nidorf

These incredible pieces were created by Pax Nidorf. Pax is a delightful and talented gentleman who shared his vision of fairies with me early on, something I will always be proud to say. A copy of one of his creations hangs on my living room wall. The images above are copyrighted and used with permission of the artist. You should visit his Website to learn more about this special man. The Renaissance Man


a word to the wise by kevin lock

This is the second drawing by Kevin Lock to be featured here. It's titled "A Word to the Wise". To see some more of his incredible magic visit his Web page by clicking on the image above.


faerie symphony by jim fitzpatrick

I purchased several cards by this amazing artist while visiting Ireland in 1987. His name is Jim Fitzpatrick and the piece (which this is only a fraction of)is called "Faerie Symphony". He's not a "fairy" artist, but he's incredible at what he does and it leaves you with a feeling of having been touched with magic. You can visit his homepage by clicking on the image above, or here.


butterfly by joleen flasher used with permission

This picture was inspired by the singer/songwriter Tori Amos, who is inspired in her music by fairies. The artist is Joleen Flasher and her work can be found at Elfwood. Like all the images on this page, it is used with permission. Please contact Joleen before using this one. You can also learn more about Joleen at LIVEJOURNEL.


video tape fairy by John Panasiuk

"Video Tape Fairy" by Jonathan Panasiuk can be found along with other pieces of magic at his website, Jonathan's Nite Gallery". Just one of his many creations, you'll be delighted by his vision of fairies in the modern world. He also works with other mediums, so there is much to see in a site that changes frequently. Clicking on "Video Tape Fairy" will take you to his site


high point copyright james browne.  Used with permission.

This is an original work by James Browne. When I first found his site I spent a long time looking at his artwork...even crying at the magical beauty and innocence of it. You'll feel the same I'm sure. Visit his site by clicking on the picture above - "High Point". You can purchase his artwork there.


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