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I never have enough fairies....and believe me, I have a lot. I've gathered a list here of places on the Net that offer fairy items...from t-shirts to dolls. You might just go by, look, and wish, but one day, you might find something irresistible. That happens to me a lot. Which is why I have so many.

The graphics you see with links are used for display purposes only, and matched with a link. In all cases I obtained permission from the artists directly or by following their link instructions. I always let the site owner know about the link, and which image I use.


I get several emails a day requesting help finding a particular type of fairy, or fairy product. While I would love to help everyone, it's extremely time consuming, and there's nothing I'm doing you can't do for yourself. There's a great search engine available called GOOGLE. I've added it to this page for you. Not only can you search the entire web using it, you can search just The FairyWeb. Type in what you are searching for, select WWW or fairyweb.com, and click GOOGLE SEARCH. I hope this will help you, not only in finding that special something, but with locating the sites in Where To Find Fairy Collectibles that have what you're looking for. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH SPECIAL REQUESTS. I'm sorry but I get so many and I don't have time to spend on special requests.

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blueberry fairy kitWee Folk Studio
What a delight it was to visit here. Salley Mavor has a lot of treats for you. There are notecards, kits for making your own fairies, and books. You'll be enchanted!.

daylilly pattern cross stichMufu's Rabbitry Cross Stitch
This site offers several fairy cross stitch patterns that are inspired by a turn-of-the-century children's book illustrator, Millicent Sowerby, whose most famous work is Alice in Wonderland. She illustrated a series of six flower fairies, and several are available in cross stitch patterns here.

Pixie Forest Nursery & Tree Care
This is a new type of listing for my fairy pages - they don't sell fairies, just plants that are protected by them. They specialize in Hostas - and have over 1200 varieties. The home of the owners, Dan & Lu Nelson, is called Faewood. Fairies love forests and plants so this is a natural place to find them. Check out their reference material page to learn how to make a fairy garden. Lu has put together a paper that shows what they look like and how fun they are to make. I know I'm building one when I move. Visit their online store.

just for kids logoJust For Kids
Among the thousands of books for and about kids offered at this special store you'll find a few about fairies, along with fairy craft books, stickers,and paper dolls.

bella luna by brigid ashwoodFairy Art by Brigid Ashwood
Brigid Ashwood is one of the internet's most popular fairy and fantasy artists. Her work can be seen in the book Watercolor Fairies, online, in retail stores on the internet and brick and mortar stores, and is widely collected. Her product line includes sterling and gold fine fairy jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, collectible tiles, notecards, jewelry boxes, bookmarks, magnets, keychains, cross-stitch patterns and more!

Eden Studios - Lisa Jane's Magical Images
You'll find treasures here featuring the work of Lisa Jane. Her real-children-as-fairies work is well known to many. Besides her prints you'll find figurines, dolls, music boxes, collector plates, stationary, and more. New items include Art Catchers and Candle Holders.

montage of dolls by carol mcbrideOnce Upon a Dream
Carol McBride was raised on stories of fairies and leprechauns. Working with clay she found she could call upon memories of childhood stories and sculpt the fairies of her youth. Her sculptures capture an innocence that has been forgotten by too many. Each one is unique and yet as familiar as our dreams.


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