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I never have enough fairies....and believe me, I have a lot. I've gathered a list here of places on the Net that offer fairy items...from t-shirts to dolls. You might just go by, look, and wish, but one day, you might find something irresistible. That happens to me a lot. Which is why I have so many.

The graphics you see with links are used for display purposes only, and matched with a link. In all cases I obtained permission from the artists directly or by following their link instructions. I always let the site owner know about the link, and which image I use.


I get several emails a day requesting help finding a particular type of fairy, or fairy product. While I would love to help everyone, it's extremely time consuming, and there's nothing I'm doing you can't do for yourself. There's a great search engine available called GOOGLE. I've added it to this page for you. Not only can you search the entire web using it, you can search just The FairyWeb. Type in what you are searching for, select WWW or fairyweb.com, and click GOOGLE SEARCH. I hope this will help you, not only in finding that special something, but with locating the sites in Where To Find Fairy Collectibles that have what you're looking for. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH SPECIAL REQUESTS. I'm sorry but I get so many and I don't have time to spend on special requests.

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Fairy Magic
From Australia comes this special site carrying the accessories that fairies must have - costumes, fairy shoes, wands, tiaras, wings, and bags. You must take a look to fully appreciate all these treasures.

tree fairy by mary baxter st clair - do not use without permissionDragginwood
You'll find the Windstone Edition dragons series, but more important they carry the magical artwork of Mary Baxter St. Clair! If you aren't familiar with her work you're certainly in for a treat. Besides prints you'll also find music boxes and tiles.

september by jeffrey k. bedrick. Do not use without permissionThe Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Jeffrey's work is seen all over the Net - wherever people display images of fairies (although not all of his work is of the fae). That's because his work is so purely magical. A talented and acknowledged professional artist, you can take your time exploring his online galleries which include

White Gothic Studios by Regina Edmonds
Regina males adorable little fairies and angels from polymer clay and push molds. These little muses love to sit in your plants, in your jewelry boxes, in table scapes, in your garden, sitting on door frames, on desktops, looking down from your computer . . . the possibilities are endless. Come and see.

the kiss by marilyn radzat. Do not use without permissionFantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat
I do not have the words to describe Marilyn's work. I fell in love with her creations!! She is called a Curator of Enchantment and that fits perfectly. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind collectible. And don't forget to visit the Maryhoonies™.

Crystal Fantasy
Gifts of nature, fantasy, and spirit. Located in Palm Springs since 1987. You'll find Fairies, plus mermaids, dragons, wizards and more! They offer prints of the incredible artwork of Mary Baxter St. Clair, Amy Brown's Fairies, and the amazing work of David Delaware. When you're in Palm Springs, please visit them at 264 N. Palm Canyon Drive in beautiful downtown Palm Springs. For now.....enjoy this site!"

gossamer glen logoGossamer Glen
Enchanting Designs for Faerie Fanciers by fantasy artist Marchella. Gossamer Glen brings the enchantment of the faeries to you through a variety of collections of hand crafted, uniquely individual faerie items. The Faerie Collection offers one of a kind, hand sculpted faerie dolls and sculptures. The Garment Collection offers fashionable faerie clothing. The Gift Collection offers original faerie designs on a wide variety of items from pillows, mugs, and checkbook covers to so much more. And finally, the Garden Collection offers sculptural faerie elements for the yard and garden. Check in often as new faeries and designs are always being added.


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