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I never have enough fairies....and believe me, I have a lot. I've gathered a list here of places on the Net that offer fairy items...from t-shirts to dolls. You might just go by, look, and wish, but one day, you might find something irresistible. That happens to me a lot. Which is why I have so many.

The graphics you see with links are used for display purposes only, and matched with a link. In all cases I obtained permission from the artists directly or by following their link instructions. I always let the site owner know about the link, and which image I use.


I get several emails a day requesting help finding a particular type of fairy, or fairy product. While I would love to help everyone, it's extremely time consuming, and there's nothing I'm doing you can't do for yourself. There's a great search engine available called GOOGLE. I've added it to this page for you. Not only can you search the entire web using it, you can search just The FairyWeb. Type in what you are searching for, select WWW or fairyweb.com, and click GOOGLE SEARCH. I hope this will help you, not only in finding that special something, but with locating the sites in Where To Find Fairy Collectibles that have what you're looking for. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH SPECIAL REQUESTS. I'm sorry but I get so many and I don't have time to spend on special requests.

Search WWW Search www.fairyweb.com

AJB Enterprises of Florida, Inc.
All these fairies, but how to display them? Visit this site for some creative and natural ideas. The AJB pedestals and risers are just what you've been looking for!

Become a fairy, or just glitter like one, with items from this magical shop! From body glitter to magic wands to stickers, they have found the world's most beautiful and reasonably priced items. You're gonna love this place!

Serenity Treasures Unique Fairy Gifts
Our unique and magical Fairies include pewter and crystal fairy car chimes, sterling silver and gemstone fairy jewelry, diamond cut pewter fairy jewelry, pewter fairy candleholders and figurines, Faery Magick candles, cold cast and pewter fairy windchimes and pewter fairy dust necklaces! We also have lots of other magical products including wizards, dragons, dolphins, angels, celestial, gemstone gifts, metaphysical tools, candles, windchimes, free monthly contest and much more!

Porcelain Dolls by Michelle Robison
Each of Michelle's creations are touched with magic. Detail is one of the finest points. You won't believe some of this doll sculptures.

yellow fairy pink fairyKinder Dolls
Waldorf inspired dolls for your nature table, dollhouse, fairy grotto or creative play. The sparkling fairies with their gold and silver wings make great tooth fairy gifts. There are also elfs, storybook characters, and some animal friends. A visit should be scheduled quickly.

Fairy Gardens
FairyGardens.com offers an ever expanding collection of beautiful gifts, whimsical toys, and creative collectibles! Rubber stamps, mini tea sets, puzzles, wall paper cut outs, and fine jewelry are just a tiny smattering of all FairyGardens.com has to offer. In addition, party and craft ideas, helpful tips, and fun stuff for kids can be found in every corner. Blending a love of nature and a fascination with the magical world of the fairy, FairyGardens.com is THE place to find your own piece of pixie dust.

Little Magic Fairy Shoppe
This is new site from the creators of Fantasy Within (page 12) that contains their tiniest of sculptures. Fairies, mermaids, angels, babies! They will all be here in the tiniest of forms. Each sculpture is an original creation with Magic in mind accompanied with the spirit of happiness. They will steal your heart. They've already run away with mine. NOTE: Artistic nudity.


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