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I never have enough fairies....and believe me, I have a lot. I've gathered a list here of places on the Net that offer fairy items...from t-shirts to dolls. You might just go by, look, and wish, but one day, you might find something irresistible. That happens to me a lot. Which is why I have so many.

The graphics you see with links are used for display purposes only, and matched with a link. In all cases I obtained permission from the artists directly or by following their link instructions. I always let the site owner know about the link, and which image I use.


I get several emails a day requesting help finding a particular type of fairy, or fairy product. While I would love to help everyone, it's extremely time consuming, and there's nothing I'm doing you can't do for yourself. There's a great search engine available called GOOGLE. I've added it to this page for you. Not only can you search the entire web using it, you can search just The FairyWeb. Type in what you are searching for, select WWW or fairyweb.com, and click GOOGLE SEARCH. I hope this will help you, not only in finding that special something, but with locating the sites in Where To Find Fairy Collectibles that have what you're looking for. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH SPECIAL REQUESTS. I'm sorry but I get so many and I don't have time to spend on special requests.

Search WWW Search www.fairyweb.com

fairy light pinTree of Life Artworks
A truly unique shop that will take your breath away. Kim McClelland and his wife Katherine work together to produce detailed scrimshaw works. Only a visit to this site will show the magic of their work. Jewelry, boxes, frames, lapel pins, money clips, and so much more. (Note: they purchase fossils from the Native Americans in Alaska.)

The World of Kevin Buntin
More than sculptures, and more than stories. A combination of both that is magic. You can see Kevin's work here, and also at his Deviant Art Gallery. .

wood elfNorthwest Naturals - Anne Gerdes
This is a unique site - not only will you find tiny fairy babies, wood elves, and sleeping fairy babies, you'll find furniture for your favorite creatures! But Anne makes things even better - you'll find free creations too, and instructions on making things yourself.

deva of insight Angel Art, Flower Devas & Soul Portraits
This magical artwork by Karen Krangel will amaze you. Most of her works contain a combination of her photography and painting. Her soul portraits use meditation to paint a portrait of your soul and essence. You can also send Karen a picture of your child and she will give him/her wings - a reminder of of your child's natural beauty and joy.

logo for the mystic fairy comThe Mystic fairy.com
THE Mystic Fairy carries merchandise ranging from the Amy Brown Fairies and Nene Thomas Companion Fairies, to the Zodiac Fairies. You'll also find the popular Kitchen Fairies, and the Faerie Glen collection. Customer service and satisfaction is important to everyone at The Mystic Fairy, so you'll definitely want to visit.

Duirwaigh Gallery
There is just so much here...be sure to allow yourself time...even though the site is still under development. Under 3D art you'll find doll Sculpture. You won't believe that you are looking at dolls..they are just too lifelike. They also carry the art of Amy Brown, Lee See, and David Delamare. So look around and fall in love, and count your coins. You'll find you must have something from here. I discovered this shoppe is only miles from where i live...keeping myself away grows harder each time I visit the site.

magflog by Andy Duroe. Used with permission. DO NOT USE>Fairydome - The Fairy Art of Andy Duroe
Andy Duroe is a man of many talents, and fortunately, he shares them. His site offers artwork - photo and animation as well as the usual mediums. He's also a poet, and a sculpture. You can find his work on Ebay and Cafepress as well.


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