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I never have enough fairies....and believe me, I have a lot. I've gathered a list here of places on the Net that offer fairy items...from t-shirts to dolls. You might just go by, look, and wish, but one day, you might find something irresistible. That happens to me a lot. Which is why I have so many.

The graphics you see with links are used for display purposes only, and matched with a link. In all cases I obtained permission from the artists directly or by following their link instructions. I always let the site owner know about the link, and which image I use.


I get several emails a day requesting help finding a particular type of fairy, or fairy product. While I would love to help everyone, it's extremely time consuming, and there's nothing I'm doing you can't do for yourself. There's a great search engine available called GOOGLE. I've added it to this page for you. Not only can you search the entire web using it, you can search just The FairyWeb. Type in what you are searching for, select WWW or fairyweb.com, and click GOOGLE SEARCH. I hope this will help you, not only in finding that special something, but with locating the sites in Where To Find Fairy Collectibles that have what you're looking for. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH SPECIAL REQUESTS. I'm sorry but I get so many and I don't have time to spend on special requests.

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lavender fae from woodland whispers Woodland Whispers
These polymar clay miniature character and fantasy dolls are the work of Lyn Trenary. Faeries range in size approximately 1 1/4 " to 1 1/2" sitting, 1 3/4" to 2 1/2 - 3" standing or flying. All have glass eyes, and wear hand dyed scrim or silk and are adorned with smidgens of nature. Each pair of faery wings is hand sculpted and unique.

baby jessica fairiesLadyBug Minitures
These fairies, furniture, garden accessories and more are from the mind of Sue Thwaite. Her "Enchanted Garden" section is full of delightful treasures, such as the fairy shower and horse flies. Every scene she make has a tiny ladybug to celebrate the spirit of the grandparents who inspired her. You'll be inspired too!

boyd's tooth fairyOpen Please
This online catalog for the dental professional carries a number of "tooth fairy" items. You'll find figurines, boxes, pillows, and a video about the tooth fairy. Also a personalized tooth fairy pen and toothfairy scrubs!

blue nude butterfly by ann foxAnn Fox Studios
Ann runs an Ebay site called "All Things Fanciful". The Ann Fox Studio is dedicated to her own artwork, and there's a lot of it. You can write Ann about ordering prints, originals, and other mediums.

faerylands by michael savage logoGrey Forest Productions
The Grey Forest Gallery is located in London. They carry the imaginative work of Faerylands by Michael Savage, and work by other fantasy artists. Visiting their site can give you an idea of the talent possessed by this great talent.

Crisalis Classic Figurines by Christine Haworth
These are the latest figurines that I've added to my collection. Irrisistable! The detail is amazing, and the faces are so lifelike. Delicate detail in the sculpting and precise painting. Each wing is shaded in lovely colors and the bodies are blushed to perfection. There are now coloring sets, cards, and collector plates available as well. Thanks to Robin for bringing these to my attention.


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