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WELCOME to the new combined homepage for my Fairy Cats. Since I originally started this site there have been a few changes in where the cats live, and so I decided to join them under two flags.

What is a Fairy Cat? How do you know if you own one? First, they come from shelters, or are rescued strays. Having owned several Siamese I know that they are wonderful creatures but they are NOT Fairy Cats. Fairy Cats pick you because you need them, and not because they need you. I've never been disappointed by even one of them. They have proven to be the most beautiful, loving, and intelligent cats possible. I realize that some people prefer cats with pedigrees, but trust me...Fairy Cats are worth so much more. I honestly believe they know that I have reached out to them, and asked them to be part of my life....and they reward me daily. So please --THINK ABOUT IT--adopt a cat from your local animal shelter, and have your companion animal's spayed or neutered. It's the loving and responsible thing to do.

Now then, the introductions.


There are three Fairy Cats who came to live with me in 1997 while I was living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The man I was living with (Bill, who is now my husband) knew how badly I missed the cats I had to leave behind in Virginia when I moved (they weren't abandoned - they stayed with my ex in the only home they had ever known). Although I knew I would be adding cats to my Canadian family, I wasn't sure I was ready to do so that early. The U.S. Fairy Cats were still very much in my thoughts, and I missed them terribly (I always will). Still, a surprise trip to the Edmonton SPCA was planned by Bill, and once we arrived I didn't demand to be taken home.

I quickly settled on one cat. No longer a kitten, she had big, sad eyes. Her info sheet said she had been returned by her owner because she was "no longer wanted". I know that feeling. She was/is absolutely beautiful, long haired and distinctively marked. I couldn't imagine why anyone wouldn't want her. Her cage was at the end of a row, on the upper level, so every time I walked around the corner I could see her looking at me. The decision was quick, and she was Mine.

mine december 2002


In the cage right below my sad-eyed cat was a young kitten. A little, round fur ball, she quickly caught the eye of my husband. Her info sheet said she too had been returned by an owner...rather surprising for a cat so young. When we held her we noticed that she had a kink at the end of her tail, it hooked over. The staff said it could have been broken during birth, or shortly afterwards, but wasn't painful or bothering her. She was a faded color.. almost pink, but actually a muted orange. She captured Bill's heart, and he decided instantly that he wanted her and had no need to look further. Well then I said, that's Yours.

yours as a kitten


That should have been it, except for a bundle of tortoiseshell energy living in the cage next to the cat I had selected. She was about 4 months old, and according to her info sheet, a stray. She talked to us constantly, purring and reaching out to touch us as we passed. I kept coming back to pet her and show her affection, but felt that I had made a commitment already to the sad-eyed cat. But this cat's personality was hard to resist, and she was insistant that we pay attention to her. She even locked in on us, not bothering to reach out for anyone else. I finally broke down, and told Bill I couldn't decide. That I wanted both of them. He reluctantly agreed, and so we took her as well. While filling out the paperwork, they asked for names...which we didn't have...except for this one. Holding up our tortiseshell begger I said, this is our spare cat. And Spare she stayed.


In the car we made light of having an "extra" cat, and what to name the other two, since Spare seemed to fit the additional cat. I had picked Mine and Bill had his. Mine and Yours I said. By the time we arrived back home they were named....Mine, Yours and Spare.

mine yours and spare in edmonton 1998

At home they quickly scouted things out and started their hissing, growling, and fighting contest. We were worried that they would never adjust to each other, as the quarrels and fights intensified and continued. Then, too sudden to notice when, they became friends. Most of the time anytime.

They've been with us for almost 6 years now, and we have moved to Atlanta, Georgia - a trip that the three cats made with us (a story for another time). Unfortunately they are no longer able to go outside using their harnesses and leashes. Too many unleashed dogs here, a lack of space, and fleas. They have adjusted and things had pretty well settled into normal - until October 2002.


Remember the ex-husband who agreed to take care and love the four fairy cats forever? Well there was a change in his life, and he needed (or agreed depending on view) that he had to let them go. These were cats that had been with him from day one...in his home...Cats he cared for and loved and gave the best medical care possible. But he was selling his home and building a new one with his girlfriend, who is "allergic" to cats. So much for promises. Something had to be done. The stories of the other three cats follow, but it's on this page that the story of the youngest one belongs. Because in October 2002 she moved here to Atlanta, and joined our family. Her name is Shuler.

Shuler has her own story as well - of how she came into the Virginia household. You can read it HERE. She was named for Heath Shuler the former Tennessee VOL quarterback who is now leading a life of luxury somewhere after failing to make it in the pros. The name fits her for whatever reason. She quickly became a special cat to me, although Lambert will always be the best Fairy Cat I have ever known. Shuler played fetch and did a wide variety of acrobatics. She was also my main computer kitty, spending hours right there beside me in her very own chair. Like the other cats, she was adopted from the local animal shelter. She was very skittish and it took a while for her to warm up to anyone but me.

When she came to join us here in Atlanta, it had been 5 years since I had seen her. She was now almost 8 years old. They say that cats don't have long memories, but she watched me, and stayed close to me. Once in a while she'd lay on my chest and look at me like she was trying to remember something. Things weren't easy for her with the other 3 cats - they still aren't. YOURS especially has trouble accepting her. But she's a gutsy little thing, and refuses to give up. She was thin when she arrived, and in desperate need of attention. We've finally gotten her to stop gobbling food so fast that she throws it back up, and she gets plenty of attention. It's good to have her back.


So there you have it - introductions to my four Fairy Cats. All have been spayed and are healthy and frisky. SPARE continues to be the talker, and the snuggler. She likes to sleep where it's warm - the only short haired cat among the bunch. She's possessive of me, and lets everyone, including my husband, know it. MINE grows more trusting each day, and lets us hold her for short periods of time. There's still a look of sorrow in her eyes that makes me wonder what was done to her by her previous keeper. She loves dogs....leading us to believe she lived with one for a time. YOURS has never lost her Buddha Belly, growing into a beautiful, odd-colored cat who reaches to be held. She sleeps where I do and is the loner of the group. Shuler is still learning her way around, and her place in the group. Sometimes she looks me in the eyes like she's trying to remember something. Certainly she is trusting of me, and stays near me most of the time.

Do yourself a favor. Go to your nearest animal shelter or SPCA and let an animal pick you. You'll never regret it.


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