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The FairyWeb is dedicated to my daughter, Rebecca Erin...tiny blessing...the toddler poet...the rebel child...the beautiful young woman and mother. I love you.

And to Shae..the little fairy...whose birth gave me new life.

Many of the graphics used in the FairyWeb are original creations, made exclusively for, and paid for by, FairyWeb. Please do not use these graphics without my permission. Wherever possible I have given credit to the artist for the use of any other graphics. If you see something that you would like to use on your own homepage, ask me about it. It's the polite thing to do.

I would like to thank the following for their contributions and inspirations to The FairyWeb.

don't be in a haste to copy and paste

HTML guidance, love, friendship, and infinite patience were provided by William Learning

The FairyWeb Banner, Fairy Guide, Fairy Button, and other graphics were made for the FairyWeb by the incredible Sondra Seeger. These graphics belong to The FairyWeb. Please do not use them. I would also like to thank Sondra for sharing her talent so generously when I needed it the most. It was magic that led me to you Sondra. I'm sorry to see you leave the Net, but hope it's for better things.

seeger's art

Other backgrounds used on the FairyWeb were created by Lola Wärn and Bimsan. Extra special thanks to them for being so giving with their talents.

bimsan web graphics free graphics at Lolis
The "tairy", Poet Award, some backgrounds and other graphics are the creation of the fabulous Cecilia Price at Artmaker Studios, and were made specifically for the FairyWeb PLEASE DO NOT USE.

artmaker studio


Thank you Anne aka Booklady for this protective shield

i believe

Special thanks to William Learning, Jimi Schutte, and other friends for their help, guidance, suggestions, friendship - and most of all, for staying.

To Carol - You're the best. Thank you for being there. You will never be forgotten

To Melinda - my soul's twin - for seeing AND understanding my heart.

To Rod - for helping make the dream come true.

Thank you Susie Bachman of Pawprints & Purrs for all you have done to help further the cause of animal rights. Your updates are invaluable to me and everyone who seeks help. If only there were more people like you - no animal would be alone or frightened and without a home again.

pawprints and purrs

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